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We at Resort Graphics International work in conjunction with and promote the area informational website(s) that hold the top position(s) when a search is performed on Google for your city’s name. Research shows that it is usually the first time visitor performing these searches as frequent visitors to your area aren’t likely to be typing your cities name in Google. When people visit this website(s) for the next 3 years, as each project is a tri-annual project, they will see in the upper portion of the websites pages, “Aerial views of (The name of your city)”. When the project is accessed, a satellite image of the entire city is presented which is then viewable in sections. These sections are custom lower altitude photos taken of your area that have your company’s logo superimposed with a line showing your location. Your logo is a hyper link which directly accesses your company’s website thus providing a unique source of additional traffic to your website from the web portal(s) that have and maintain website dominance.

The link from the “aerial views” section provides you a unique alternative source of website access from the standard categorical listings found on all area informational websites. Due to the space constraints and to keep the project easy to navigate we must limit participation to around 50 businesses. Candidates for the project are the areas better places to stay, restaurants that are locally owned and well established and area attractions. By utilizing people’s innate curiosity for viewing aerial images of your area you have then effectively linked people’s curiosity for aerial photography with advertising and the Internet to help your business attract new customers that are interested in coming to your area, most for the first time.

7217 Gulf Blvd.
Suite 14-114
St. Pete Beach, FL 33706
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