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Wildside Tours LLC: AKA Cocoa Beach Manatee Watch The True NATURE of the Lagoon Capt. Ben Evans is a retired Science teacher and Master Naturalist with an advanced degree in Biography and Education.

Capt. Jeanette Vasbinder, Master Naturalist, B.A., with advanced biology classes, has extensive years of local experience as a fishing and nature guide.

Wildside Tours LLC is a nature boat business providing a variety of different excursions in the beautiful Thousand Islands Nature Preserve of Cocoa Beach and the Banana River Lagoon. Sightseeing in this area is exciting; the manatees, dolphins and many varieties of birds exemplify nature at its finest. Since our trips are limited to 18 persons, you will get a much more personal experience without school bus seating. We can go into the smaller and channels that larger tour boats cannot access. Come explore this incredible, fragile and dynamic eco-system only 10 miles from Port Canaveral port of call cruise terminals. Practicing ethical, sustainable eco-tourism, we don’t chase, feed or touch the animals. We do passive viewing and respect the environment.

The Wildside Boat is a Coast Guard inspected and documented vessel. Cocoa Beach on the Space Coast is the closest beach to the Orlando theme parks

499 Ramp Road
Cocoa Beach, FL
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