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Cocoa Beach Area Honors Shark Week

Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 12:19PM

When I first began at the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Convention & Visitors Bureau, I was shocked to find out just how many calls and/or in person questions come in to the Tourist Information Center surrounding sharks (and alligators for that matter).

I forget sometimes that not everyone lives in a sunny beach town, used to co-existing with wildlife of all kinds.

This week marked the Discovery Channel’s coveted “Shark Week.” The continuous success of this week can only mean one thing, people are fascinated by sharks! I know I am.

Rest assured that while Brevard County has had five shark bites so far in 2014, this is not the norm and the county has not had a fatal shark attack since 1934. It comes down to knowing sharks exist in all oceans, no matter the coast, and knowing how to coexist with them is essential.

According to the University of Florida's International Shark Attack File, your chances of being attacked by a shark are just one in 11.5 million. That being said, it’s always a smart idea to be educated when swimming in the ocean.


  • Avoid wearing shiny jewelry, nail polish or bathing suits
  • Avoid areas where bait fish are swimming
  • Avoid swimming at dusk or in the dark of night, as sharks are more active during these times
  • Stay closer to shore and don’t venture out too deep
  • Always swim where a lifeguard is present


The bottom line is we know sharks are out there. But generally speaking, they do not bother humans nor do they want us as their primary food source! The Cocoa Beach area is just as safe a beach vacation as any other spot in Florida, and we welcome you to come and relax in our sunny paradise.


Cocoa Beach Area Honors Shark Week

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