Cosmos Ice Cream

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The Truck's Origin

The Cosmos Ice Cream Truck was born as an Airport Shuttle Gillig bus. The bus started its transformation in Brooklyn, NY. Once selected for the build the second floor was added along with a staircase. All remnants inside the cabin were stripped out to make room for a cutting edge Nitrogen Ice Cream kitchen.

Why Use Nitrogen to Make Ice Cream

 Liquid Food Grade Nitrogen poured at -321 degrees Farenheit freezes the Ice Cream base in a matter of seconds. This prevents ice crystals from forming which is typically found in most commercial ice creams. The quick freezing process leads to a creamy richer Ice Cream without the ice crystal or "overrun" (air pockets created in commercially made ice creams). Just as important, each serving is unique to the ice cream connoisseur ordering it. Once we tasted ice cream made with Nitrogen there was no going back.

Our Goal with the Truck

Delivering smiles, ice cream and LOTS of fond memories to all those who get to experience the Cosmos Ice Cream Truck is what we're about. Feel free to take pictures with the truck while enjoying your ice cream. Make sure to post to your favorite social media account and tag us to win special Cosmos prizes.

3320 Thurloe Drive
Viera, FL 32955
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