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Exploration Tower, Kennedy Space Center a BLAST!

Tue, Feb 09, 2016 at 11:35AM

  • Exploration Tower, Kennedy Space Center a BLAST!
  • Exploration Tower, Kennedy Space Center a BLAST!
  • Exploration Tower, Kennedy Space Center a BLAST!
  • Exploration Tower, Kennedy Space Center a BLAST!
  • Exploration Tower, Kennedy Space Center a BLAST!

Last week we hosted the 31st annual Chowder Cook-off and I want to thank everyone who had a part in making the event possible. The time and effort put into the event was absolutely amazing and for that I am most appreciative. I was fortunate to have my parents visit for the weekend from south Georgia and they had a wonderful time at the event. On Saturday, Lauren and I took them to the Exploration Tower where we spent about an hour going through each floor interacting with the exhibits and concluding our tour at the observation deck. It was such a pretty day at the Port and slightly warm despite having windy, cold weather the night before and subsequent nights after.

After the Exploration Tower we traveled to the Kennedy Space Center. This is definitely a treat if you have never been there, but in my opinion it is a treat every time you visit. You need about half the day to get the entire experience, although if you have 3-4 hours you can get a good portion of the experience. We arrived just after lunch and made our way to the Rocket Garden Cafe where we enjoyed our lunch. From there we saw an interactive Mars presentation, viewed replica rovers, and visited the gift shop. There was an astronaut signing autographs that day in the gift shop but we had to leave just before he was to arrive so maybe we will be able to come back and take advantage of that opportunity in the future. From there, we made our way to the Atlantis exhibit and enjoyed the two shows detailing how the shuttle program came into existence. The Atlantis experience also has exhibits for kids, a gift shops, a slide, and a memorial to the astronauts of Challenger and Columbia, along with pieces from the shuttles. Every time I turn the corner and see the memorial, I reflect on the many brave men and women who work tirelessly day in and day out to make our world a better place to live.

This was the first time my parents had visited the area and they are already making plans to revisit during the summer months. This is definitely something I am looking forward to because there is so much more for them to explore. 

For more information on the Exploration Tower click here and for more information on the Kennedy Space Center click here.

Until next time,

Marshall Hooks
Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce
Convention & Visitors Bureau

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