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Florida’s Space Coast is home to one of the busiest cruise terminals in the US, Kennedy Space Center and miles of beautiful beaches.  People move here to live a life on or by the waterways and enjoy all water-sports.  At Welcomemat Services we connect new families to your local small businesses who have not yet established their new daily buying habits around the community. These customers are 80 times more likely to respond to an offer and 5 times more likely to become your loyal customers over current residents.

The Welcomemat program is designed to benefit the community by assisting new families in their transition. Some of the businesses included are restaurants, pizzeria’s, salons & spas, dentists, automotive repair shops, car washes, pharmacies, retail shops, fitness centers, pet services, packaging & shipping services, home services and more.  Are you one of these businesses?

We have developed a dynamic turn-key direct marketing solution to bring new customers in your door. Let us do all the hard work—you simply put together an offer you’d like to send out, and then we market it to the people who need your services. Ready to get started?

2145 Capeview Street
Merritt Island, FL
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